Posted on: May 5, 2008 1:25 pm


His firing was not a mystery or unexpected.  Was it right?  Absolutely, not.  I am glad the good young coach can move onto his own baby, cuz this will and always will be Mark Cuban's baby.  Avery Johnson had them as a one seed, they paced themselves and ended up being a fragile seven seed, and not they fire their Coach of the Year.  Why, because you play in the highest level in the entire earth, the NBA, and your star, the heart of the team, is a 7'0 perimeter player from Germany.  Unless DIRK is one of those genetically created soldiers, leftover from the 40's, and is just being nice until his DNA pattern reaches climax, than this isn't the player I need to LEAD me to the promise land.  He is a wonderful complimentary superstar, like Gasol, but isn't who I want to lead my team, especially through the west.  Their too soft.  They have a nice bunch of players, but don't have it.  The only team that has mastered winning without it is the Pistons and they have a bunch of guys that have battled and won in college and in the NBA, not the NIKE HOOP SUMMIT.  He is a good fantasy player and a great competitor, but in the US in terms of basketball, you cannot win with a perimeter oriented German who plays power forward.  Sorry, this has nothing to do with Jason "i shouldve went to the Celtics"Kidd, Josh"I can play hard when I'm mad"Howard, Jason"I have already overachieved when I was drafted from Arizona" Terry, and Jerry "My career highlight is when I punched Hornacek" Stackhouse.  True, these guys were pretty successful in college, but they never got it together in the pros like we thought they would back then.  I like Dirk, but in the role of Pippen, McHale, Worthy, you know NUMBER 2.  What do you think???

Posted on: May 5, 2008 1:10 pm

Who is the leading "Ladies Man" in all of sport?

Now that the Rocket has been exposed and we have access to the interpersonal relationships of most prominent athletes, who would you consider to be the "Ladies Man" in the sportsworld.  Even Brazil soccer's Ronaldo's recent activities could qualify if that floats your boat (recently caught soliciting and engaging in activity with 3 cross dressing prostitutes).  I will accept any logical answer, even guys seemingly committed to their wives if their wife is that hot.  Your wife must be hot to be considered a ladies man, if you only have one woman.  My vote, Kobe...he learned the game through trial and tribualtions and found a hot woman that he spent  a lot of loot to keep.  Ok that was my MVP vote, Iverson seems to keep the ladies attention as well as Tom Brady.
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